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Angry birds Bomb Bird by xshadowxrayx Angry birds Bomb Bird :iconxshadowxrayx:xshadowxrayx 2 3 Sasuke Uchiha by xshadowxrayx Sasuke Uchiha :iconxshadowxrayx:xshadowxrayx 1 3 Knight by xshadowxrayx Knight :iconxshadowxrayx:xshadowxrayx 0 8 Golem 'made of clay' by xshadowxrayx Golem 'made of clay' :iconxshadowxrayx:xshadowxrayx 0 2 Angel, Demon and Halfling by xshadowxrayx Angel, Demon and Halfling :iconxshadowxrayx:xshadowxrayx 0 2
My Darling
My darling, I love you so
Cause you brought me back to life
You filled my body with love
For you I want to die
All my life; the days were cold
But you were there to keep the hope
Now I just want to put my arms around you And hold you tight
You will never ever feel alone
Cause when you need me I'll be home
Home with you makes me feel lucky
home with you is what I need
Never ever will I let you go
Because without you, I can't breathe..
And I just want to stare at you
Feel your hands on mine
And all I want to do,
is make you feel fine
Please love me back,
In a way like I do
Cause the only thing I can think about
Is being in love with you
:iconxshadowxrayx:xshadowxrayx 1 0
Dragon 4 by xshadowxrayx Dragon 4 :iconxshadowxrayx:xshadowxrayx 0 0 Dragon 3 by xshadowxrayx Dragon 3 :iconxshadowxrayx:xshadowxrayx 0 0 Dragon 2 by xshadowxrayx Dragon 2 :iconxshadowxrayx:xshadowxrayx 0 0 anime girl by xshadowxrayx anime girl :iconxshadowxrayx:xshadowxrayx 0 2 Lonely Guy by xshadowxrayx Lonely Guy :iconxshadowxrayx:xshadowxrayx 1 1 Suicide Girl by xshadowxrayx
Mature content
Suicide Girl :iconxshadowxrayx:xshadowxrayx 0 0
element guy by xshadowxrayx element guy :iconxshadowxrayx:xshadowxrayx 0 0
Darkness Within
We had everything we could
Our lives were how it should
But then everything went wrong
And all our hope was gone
And now we build cathedrals to our pain
Establish monuments to attain
Freedom from all the scars and sins
Lest we drown in the darkness within
Our past will always chase
We will never leave this place
Cause god won't let us go
And he won't show
How we can improve everything
Cause we live in the darkness within
:iconxshadowxrayx:xshadowxrayx 0 0
Bird by xshadowxrayx Bird :iconxshadowxrayx:xshadowxrayx 0 0 Red Dragon Spitting Fire by xshadowxrayx Red Dragon Spitting Fire :iconxshadowxrayx:xshadowxrayx 0 0


Never Go Away
I don’t know if you ever think about me and if you cry like I do when I feel the void where a father is supposed to be. I wonder if you really meant to start over when I heard from you in June, just before Father’s Day. All those wondrous promises and I never heard from you in the six months after. Don’t you miss your son? Am I still your son in your eyes or do we just happen to share DNA? I know I don’t have a father, I only had a father up until I was 8 years old, I think. I don’t remember. I don’t recall when our paths divided, you with a woman you apparently chose over me, me growing up facing struggles I could’ve battled with a father by my side. You chose to marry her. You chose not to let me know. I had to find out by visiting my grandparents, your parents, by surprise, simply because I didn’t want the entire family to be there when I showed up. There they were, photographs of a fabulous wedding, and my grandfather had the audacity
:iconniallcloud:NiallCloud 1 0
Hecarim Mouse Cursor by Shinigamiwyvern Hecarim Mouse Cursor :iconshinigamiwyvern:Shinigamiwyvern 79 29 Pokemon : Mega Sceptile by Sa-Dui Pokemon : Mega Sceptile :iconsa-dui:Sa-Dui 4,383 137 Pokemon Alpha Ruby \ Omega Sapphire May\Haruka by SugarKath Pokemon Alpha Ruby \ Omega Sapphire May\Haruka :iconsugarkath:SugarKath 21 5 Blitzcrank (Chinese Splash) by fazie69 Blitzcrank (Chinese Splash) :iconfazie69:fazie69 51 3 Blitzcrank, The great steam golem by DarrenGeers Blitzcrank, The great steam golem :icondarrengeers:DarrenGeers 370 76 Blitzcrank preparing by Nyra119 Blitzcrank preparing :iconnyra119:Nyra119 130 12 Flame by NynjaKat Flame :iconnynjakat:NynjaKat 2,018 145 Daedra Armor Skyrim by PriamWolf Daedra Armor Skyrim :iconpriamwolf:PriamWolf 562 127
Broken Hearts
Where do broken hearts go,
To heal?
Where do they lay in solitude,
And once more become real?
What price, what punishment,
Must they undergo,
Before they are allowed to return,
To a world that has forsaken them,
A world that has spurned?
Where do broken hearts find,
The courage to move on?
Was that strength truly with them,
Inside all along?
Where do they hide the memories,
That they simply cannot share,
With anyone, anywhere?
Where do they learn to love,
Broken hearts become lonely hearts,
If the healing takes too long
The fear and mistrust of betrayal,
Makes them cold and wan
Lonely means forever broken
You find hurt and anger,
In every word spoken
But what happens if,
That heart is woken?
jlp January 4, 2009
:iconthesekrimzonflames:TheseKrimzonFlames 163 141
I don't know why they call it a broken heart, because it's not, really.
It's more like your heart is trying to break apart, but it never really succeeds.
It's like it's literally trying to pull itself into two, and struggling to function correctly in the process.
And oh, it hurts.
If you've never had a broken heart you won't understand, you probably think it's an emotional thing, like it's all in the mind.
But it's so much more than that.
It's a physical ache in your chest, a painful whine that just doesn't quit.
It's a kind of pressure, compacting your whole chest area and making everything inside hurt.
Then it rises, it forces its way up into your throat, forming an aching lump that pushes tears from your eyes.
And then you're crying because it's just impossible not to do so.
And even when you're all cried out, it's still there, this indescribable ache that feels like no other ache you've ever
:iconarcherofthedark:ArcheroftheDark 130 63
broken hearted
you know youre heartbroken when...
you have an actual pain in your chest when you think about the past and realize that its all'll never have another one of those moments with that person again.
you would rather live in pain for the rest of your life than allow yourself to love someone else.  
hope becomes its own bodily reaction, reproduces to fill in cracks of your heart after every encounter you have with that person, and nothing happens.
even just after talking to them for two minutes over nothing makes you want to cry because all you really want to be able to say is "i miss you" but you cant because it would make things worse.
nobody can compare with that person, so you dont date.
you'd consider changing around your schedule so you could "run into" that person when you just so happen to know they'll be on their way home.  its not stalking.  its creating opportunities.
all those feelings you had when you first started to fall for them, the
:iconx-leiner-x:x-LeiNeR-x 346 74
- Boulevard of Broken Dreams - by Blue-the-Echidna - Boulevard of Broken Dreams - :iconblue-the-echidna:Blue-the-Echidna 1,236 338
Broken Promises Broken Heart
I promised myself I would keep the door to my heart closed.  I promised myself I would not fall in love again only to have it tear me apart.  I broke those promises, for they meant nothing the moment my empty eyes were filled with the vision of you.  All logic went out the window & my heart took control.  The promises had been broken.  You had that lost puppy dog look, the one that says, I'm lost, scared & confused...please take care of me.  Well I wanted to be that person.  I still do.  You were vulnerable, yet strong, cute yet sexy, goofy yet intelligent.  To look into your beautiful eyes, or see you smile, or hear you laugh, made my heart melt & filled me with happiness.  Sometimes when we held one another after making love, I didn't want to let go.  I still don't want to let go.  Now you are gone & I sit alone  & think about you & the things I love about
:iconmaganedinger:MaganEdinger 379 154
Fire Within Me by AF-studios Fire Within Me :iconaf-studios:AF-studios 64,485 4,854 OneWing Steampunk Key by Drayok OneWing Steampunk Key :icondrayok:Drayok 41,463 1,473



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So my first week of school was kinda short. We had more information about this school year than the study itself. But hey less stuff to do right? But this weekend the important things are going to start. I will have to work after school.

This weekend there was a contest between all shops of New York Pizza and I was there to compete. We didnt win anything although we tought we were the best dressed. We were wearing paper party hats, those stripe sunglasses which don't even contain glass, and we were all covered in VIP ribbons haha. I made a tie out of mine and it looked fabulous haha! To bad we had to leave early because we had to organise the shop because we had a delivery of products. I then started work one hour earlier but i didnt mind cause i could leave early.

Yesterday we had a meeting to talk about the new action week were people who order pizza will get every second pizza for free (only if the order an even number of pizza though). The i had to work till midnight, which was kinda hard because i also had homework to do. I really need to plan better as i had college at 8:30 this morning. 

I actually can't wait for the action week as I want to help the team out. I want to show that I'm worth something and that I am worthy of working with them, as I "transfered" from another shop that closed because we lost too much money. I will have to be a bit faster with knowing where the deliveries need to go. It should only take 30 seconds but in still need more than 1 minute to leave the shop to deliver the order. Well I'll just show what I'm made of!

I'm now writing this While i'm in college. it's so boring so i can't focus properly on the presentation. Also because someone really lovely is sitting next to me and i kinda like her a lot. we're going on a date this Saturday too. To bad i have to work that day too otherwise We could have done so much more fun stuff. 

Well thats all for now I think.

See you all later!


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heej, i'm a 19 year old young man from the netherlands and I just love to draw and doodle! You'll never see me without a pen or pencil close to me!


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